.Log 2

Working in tech, you always have to learn new things. I have been learning Unity3D off and on for a while, but now it’s time go at it for real. I figured I’d give this book a shot.

unity book

If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know why.

hanami 1

hanami 2

hanami 3

Went to view Cherry Blossoms in Yoyogi Park, even though it was cold and cloudy, we all had a good time.

harajuku 1

harajuku 2

harajuku 3

I forgot to bring some snacks for the viewing, so I went looking for a convenience store in Harajuku. I took me quite a while to find one. It was the Omotesando area, which seems to full of fancy shops and restaurants.

restroom 1

restroom 2

This was the queue for the restrooms at the park. The guy in front of me kept saying he was going to pee his pants.


A nice Indian restaurant across the street from the office.

small blacows

Went to Blacows in Ebisu with a friend to try a Wagyu hamburger. It was pretty expensive, and not that great. I got the Bacon Cheeseburger, about $17.

large blacows

My friend went all out and got the special Blacows burger, around $30.


Walking around Ebisu station a bit before meeting up with others to see some cherry blossoms at night.

night blossom

The photo didn’t come out that great, but it was a nice view.

ebi fry

Back at my favorite lunch spot for Fried Shrimp. The shrimp was so hot it burned my mouth.


Kimchi beef bowl, always delicious.

ripoff 1

ripoff 2

ripoff 3

Out to dinner in Kabukicho with a few friends. Was pretty good, but expensive.


After dinner, it was off to the arcade. Haven’t played air hockey in forever.


The new Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament. I wasn’t impressed, maybe I’ll give it another shot though.

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