.Log 3








I have been pretty busy lately and I think it’s only going to get busier. These are some shots around the office and Shinagawa station.




Went to see cherry blossoms again, this time in Inokashira Park.



My first time at the Taco Bell in Shibuya, it was a little different from the ones in the states; especially the bbq sauce on the tacos.


Had a nice lunch one Sunday at a fancy little restaurant inside Shinagawa station.



Hanging out in Akihabara, a popular place for people who live Japanese animation, comics, games, computers, etc. It’s a pretty laid back place, so I come here often just to walk around.


Last month, the first Carl’s Jr opened in Japan; right in Akihabara. Since I was there, and the line was short, I decided to give it a try. It was almost identical to what I have had in the states, taste wise. Definitely beats the Taco Bell in Shibuya.


This was a medium drink, it’s pretty much a child’s meal cup in the states.


Free refills, a rarity at fast food places in Japan. At some of the family restaurants, they have drink bars, where you get free refills, I was kinda of surprised it didn’t carry over to fast food when I first visited Japan.


Need an umbrella?


Stir fried pork with rice, best bento I have had this trip.


Someone forgot their Elmo in the phone booth.

.Log 2

Working in tech, you always have to learn new things. I have been learning Unity3D off and on for a while, but now it’s time go at it for real. I figured I’d give this book a shot.

unity book

If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know why.

hanami 1

hanami 2

hanami 3

Went to view Cherry Blossoms in Yoyogi Park, even though it was cold and cloudy, we all had a good time.

harajuku 1

harajuku 2

harajuku 3

I forgot to bring some snacks for the viewing, so I went looking for a convenience store in Harajuku. I took me quite a while to find one. It was the Omotesando area, which seems to full of fancy shops and restaurants.

restroom 1

restroom 2

This was the queue for the restrooms at the park. The guy in front of me kept saying he was going to pee his pants.


A nice Indian restaurant across the street from the office.

small blacows

Went to Blacows in Ebisu with a friend to try a Wagyu hamburger. It was pretty expensive, and not that great. I got the Bacon Cheeseburger, about $17.

large blacows

My friend went all out and got the special Blacows burger, around $30.


Walking around Ebisu station a bit before meeting up with others to see some cherry blossoms at night.

night blossom

The photo didn’t come out that great, but it was a nice view.

ebi fry

Back at my favorite lunch spot for Fried Shrimp. The shrimp was so hot it burned my mouth.


Kimchi beef bowl, always delicious.

ripoff 1

ripoff 2

ripoff 3

Out to dinner in Kabukicho with a few friends. Was pretty good, but expensive.


After dinner, it was off to the arcade. Haven’t played air hockey in forever.


The new Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament. I wasn’t impressed, maybe I’ll give it another shot though.

Tokyo 2010

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Tokyo Game Show 2015

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Some Old Photos: Harajuku, circa 2011

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