.Log 3








I have been pretty busy lately and I think it’s only going to get busier. These are some shots around the office and Shinagawa station.




Went to see cherry blossoms again, this time in Inokashira Park.



My first time at the Taco Bell in Shibuya, it was a little different from the ones in the states; especially the bbq sauce on the tacos.


Had a nice lunch one Sunday at a fancy little restaurant inside Shinagawa station.



Hanging out in Akihabara, a popular place for people who live Japanese animation, comics, games, computers, etc. It’s a pretty laid back place, so I come here often just to walk around.


Last month, the first Carl’s Jr opened in Japan; right in Akihabara. Since I was there, and the line was short, I decided to give it a try. It was almost identical to what I have had in the states, taste wise. Definitely beats the Taco Bell in Shibuya.


This was a medium drink, it’s pretty much a child’s meal cup in the states.


Free refills, a rarity at fast food places in Japan. At some of the family restaurants, they have drink bars, where you get free refills, I was kinda of surprised it didn’t carry over to fast food when I first visited Japan.


Need an umbrella?


Stir fried pork with rice, best bento I have had this trip.


Someone forgot their Elmo in the phone booth.

.Log 1

the sun

Well, I’m in Japan for business again; and this time, I thought I would try to keep a log of what’s going on since I’ll be here for a while.

night plane

I caught an early evening flight and was on my way to Haneda, the flight was a little over eleven hours. I watched a few movies, slept, and looked out the window.

out of room 1

out of room 2

I’ll be staying in Shinagawa this trip, only a five-minute walk from the office, nice. That’s the view from my room, not too bad.


There are a lot of offices in Shinagawa, so restaurants are pretty crowded at lunch time. This place at the station usually has a few open seats.

gyoza 1

gyoza 2

gyoza 3

I met up with a friend in Ebisu on the first Friday I was here and we went to a gyoza place which I can’t remember the name of. The gyoza were huge, but not that great. I’m not sure what it was, but after one and a half of them, I couldn’t have anymore.


Grabbing some kushikatsu in Kabukicho.

fried mango

Fried mango, was a bit gooey.

office window

A few shots from the office building.

room night 1

room night 2

The view is much better at night. The blue-lit building is part of an aquarium; one day while I was walking by, some people were training penguins. Hopefully, next time I can get a photo or two.

station night 1

station night 2

station night 3

station night 4

Walking around by the station thinking of what to get for dinner.


Found this napolitan place in Akihabara, these are probably the thickest spaghetti noodles I have ever eaten. The bacon was a nice touch.

beef lunch

Back to the restaurant at Shinagawa station for lunch.

See you guys next time.