.Log 1

the sun

Well, I’m in Japan for business again; and this time, I thought I would try to keep a log of what’s going on since I’ll be here for a while.

night plane

I caught an early evening flight and was on my way to Haneda, the flight was a little over eleven hours. I watched a few movies, slept, and looked out the window.

out of room 1

out of room 2

I’ll be staying in Shinagawa this trip, only a five-minute walk from the office, nice. That’s the view from my room, not too bad.


There are a lot of offices in Shinagawa, so restaurants are pretty crowded at lunch time. This place at the station usually has a few open seats.

gyoza 1

gyoza 2

gyoza 3

I met up with a friend in Ebisu on the first Friday I was here and we went to a gyoza place which I can’t remember the name of. The gyoza were huge, but not that great. I’m not sure what it was, but after one and a half of them, I couldn’t have anymore.


Grabbing some kushikatsu in Kabukicho.

fried mango

Fried mango, was a bit gooey.

office window

A few shots from the office building.

room night 1

room night 2

The view is much better at night. The blue-lit building is part of an aquarium; one day while I was walking by, some people were training penguins. Hopefully, next time I can get a photo or two.

station night 1

station night 2

station night 3

station night 4

Walking around by the station thinking of what to get for dinner.


Found this napolitan place in Akihabara, these are probably the thickest spaghetti noodles I have ever eaten. The bacon was a nice touch.

beef lunch

Back to the restaurant at Shinagawa station for lunch.

See you guys next time.